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Our tutors

Our IB/IGCSE tutors in Hong Kong

HKETS works with a number of dedicated tutors specialising in different subject areas. All our tutors are honours degree graduates with many obtaining post-graduate qualifications. They are very professional and have extensive experience in helping students with many of the international curriculum and examinations that are popular in Hong Kong and overseas. You are encouraged to discuss with our tutors on how best to tailor a tuition plan suitable for the needs of your child.

What makes a good IB or IGCSE tutor?

The tutor needs to be specialized in the subject, be it Maths, Physics or English. At the same time, the tutor needs to captivate his students. And he needs to customize his lesson for each student. You can have three degrees in Physics, yet it doesn’t mean you’ll be good at teaching for the GCSE! Tutors who can understand the needs of their student will see astonishing results in only a couple exercises.
Our tutors are from top universities and they are used to explain things in a way that students find easy to understand. We interview many tutors every year and we only hire the most friendly and with the best pedagogic skills – only 1 of every 8 candidates make the cut.
We have different tutors for:
– GCSE (30 different matters)
– IB
– A level

Which tutor is good for my child?

Before you hire a tutor, it’s important to determine exactly where your kid needs assistance – it could be with English Literature, one area of Maths or with their Biology exams. If you don’t really know where they need to focus their attention, you can just come to our tutoring center and we will determine together with a tutor what will be the best course of action.

What should I choose: online tutoring or in class tutoring?

Internet tutoring allows children to learn at their own speed. Adolescents are frequently too timid to even think about putting their hand up in class – particularly if they have difficulties. However face to face tutoring is often the best solution for fast results. We offer both services.

How much does a tutor cost?

I invite you to visit our pricing page: https://www.hkets.net/tutoring-prices
The price is different if you choose a group or individual package.