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Our prices

 Tuition prices – IGCSE, IB and A-level

What is the price for a private tutor?

At HKETS, private tutors have experience in specific subjects and offer their services to students who need academic help. They can be professors, industry professionals with a lot of experience in a subject area. Private tutoring rates will vary depending on the location, subject and the frequency of the sessions. 

Our individual tutoring session generally cost around HKD $700-$820 per hour. There are no contracts, sign-up or registration fees associated with private tutoring.

Other important cost-related factors to keep in mind if you decide to hire on of our private tutor include:

  • Materials costs: Our tutors will supply the learning materials so there are no charges for materials. They may suggest additional materials that you may wish to purchase for the student to do extra practice, if applicable.
  • Missed lessons: Because tutoring sessions are provided through a private individual, we often cannot cancel the lesson if you warn us on the same day. If you’re running late, we will have to count that as part of the lesson.